Casino Term: Blackjack

A popular gambling game played with 1 or more 52 card decks of standard US playing cards, without any jokers. The name "Blackjack" refers to the perfect winning hand. A blackjack is a 2 card hand of 21, made with an ace and a face card, ideally a jack, but any face card has a 10 point value. The game begins when 1 or more players placing a bet after which the dealer deals 2 cards, from left to right, to each player and themselves.  The dealer shows 1 of the 2 orginally dealt cards and offers players, from left to right, the opportunity for additional cards. A player may pass or hit ( request an additional card ) one or more times until they stop or "bust" (when the sum of their cards exceed 21). Once all players have played their hands, the dealer then plays their hand, hitting any hand 16 or less and holding any hand 17 or higher.  Any players who do not bust and have a higher hand than the dealer win and are paid equal to the bet they made.

Short Definition: 

A wagering card game played at casinos.

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