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Here at Casino Lingo we provide a complete glossary of casino terms and expressions to help users interested in online casinos or offline at land based casinos, poker and sports betting.

When it comes to gambling at online casinos, poker rooms or bingo sites it's important to understand various terms that may be used. These include terms used by various gaming sites including information portals, forums and message boards and other resources online.

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Casino Terms

Term Short Definition
21 The top value for any hand in Blackjack and another name for Blackjack.
Australian Pontoon A card game, similar to Spanish 21, played in Australia.
Baccarat A casino card game with several popular variants.
Blackjack A wagering card game played at casinos.
Casino A place where wagering on games of chance is offered for play.
Chermin de Fer A variant of the casino card game Baccarat.
Chip A chip, also known as a casino token, is sometimes made of clay and multi-coloured. It is used in place of actual currency for gambling.
Craps A casino game played with two, 6-sided dice on a felt covered table.
Craps A losing roll in the game of craps where the sum both 2 dice of 2, 3 and 12.
Dealer A person distributing cards during a card game. A casino gaming floor employee working individually or in a group operating gambling table games.
Hand Pay Winnings paid by the casino attendant.
Hold Percentage The casino's share.
Keno A game styled on Lotto that is played at casinos and via lotteries.
Let it Ride A casino card game where players wager against the house rather than each other.
Marker A receipt signed by a casino player for accessing a line of credit from the house.
Online Pokies A game played online that is typically a slot machine or video poker type game. Pokies is a word used by Australians the same as slots is to those from North America.
Payout Percentage The amount of money the slot machine eventually pays back to its slot players.
Poker A group of card games that share betting rules and hand rankings, with a number of exceptions.
Pokies The Australian word for slot machine or video poker game.
Quarter A $25 casino chip, often green.
Roulette A casino game that uses a numbered wheel, spinning on a vertical axis and a ball to determine the random outcome of the game.
Slot Machine A gambling machine that uses spinning reels to determine the outcome of a wager.
Spanish 21 A card game, similar to Blackjack, but without 10 cards in the decks.
War A card game for 2 people. A gambling version, named Casino War is available at many casinos.
Yo-leven Slang for Eleven, usually at a craps table.
Zuke A tip for a casino dealer or croupier.

Poker Terms

Term Short Definition
No Limit A poker betting rule that allows any player to bet all of their chips at any option to bet.
Omaha A type of poker, similar to Texas Hold'em where players are dealt 4 down cards and share 5 community cards.
Under Pair A pair in Texas Hold'em where the face value of the cards is less than the highest value community card.

Sports Betting Terms

Term Short Definition
Bookie Slang for a gambling Bookmaker.
Bookmaker A person, shop or organization that accept, or book, sports bets.
Sports Book A bookmaker taking bets on sporting events.
Vig Slang for Vigorish, a bookmakers fee.
Vigorish The fee charged by a bookmaker for handling the bet.

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